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It is important to always replace any missing teeth you may have. A full set of teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will is also necessary for good oral health. Popular replacement options include dental implants, dentures, and bridges.

A dental implant is a highly effective tooth replacement. implants are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Dental implants work by crafting a prosthetic that is placed on a titanium post that has been inserted directly into your jawbone. It will fill in gap left behind by a missing tooth and enhance the look and function of your smile. Our office specializes in implant restorations, but we can help you if you are interested in having implants placed.

In situations where your jawbone is not strong enough for a dental implant, a dental bridge can be used. Dental bridges are also permanent tooth replacements that are anchored directly on the neighboring teeth.

Dentures are another option. Dentures can replace a few missing teeth or an entire dental arch. You need to remove your dentures each day and gently scrub them with a soft bristled toothbrush to remove food debris. They should also be placed in a soaking solution so that they maintain their shape.

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