Align Your Oral Health Care Goals with a Healthier Diet

Several healthy and unhealthy foods are associated with changes in your oral health. Your diet plays a key role in the condition of your teeth and gums, so it is important to establish effective dietary selections throughout your life. This includes eliminating products that can cause damage as well as adding foods that can boost… Read more »

Accidental Tooth Loss in a Child

No matter how much careful you may be, accidents can happen. What do you do when if your child comes through the kitchen door crying and bleeding from a knocked-out tooth? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association have some steps you can take to save a child’s tooth. Step 1:… Read more »

Dental Grills: Jewelry for the Mouth

Healthy teeth are attractive to others and enhance your personal beauty. Your smile doesn’t really need its own jewelry. But for some, those who want to stand out from the crowd, dental grills provide a certain “look” they find appealing. Dental grills or “fronts” are simply fancy covers for the teeth. Made of precious metals… Read more »

Swollen or Bleeding Gums? You May Have Gum Disease

Infection isn’t fun to deal with, but a gum infection can result in red or angry, swollen, or even bleeding gums, leading to pain. In today’s blog, you will learn about the tell-tale signs of gum disease, and how to treat it or even prevent the infection. You may have noticed droplets of blood in… Read more »

Why Your Dental Checkup is Important for a Top-Notch Oral Health and Smile

If you ever wonder why your six-month checkups are vital for a top-notch oral health and smile, then you have come to the right blog! Our dental team wants you to know you’re doing the right thing when you receive a dental cleaning and exam regularly. Your dental checkups in Richfield, Minnesota, are vital for… Read more »

The Things a Dental Implant Can Do for Your Oral Health

If you’re interested in restoring your oral health and smile with a dental implant, then you could be on your way toward the results you desire! A dental implant is a strong and reliable dental restoration that can help you in a myriad of ways. To help you understand a little more, our dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Details on the Best Way to Use Your Fluoride Toothpaste

If you have fluoride toothpaste, you’re on your way toward a top-notch smile and oral health. This is because fluoride toothpaste is a special product that can nourish and strengthen your teeth and help you prevent dental issues, like tooth decay and enamel erosion. To help you get the most out of your toothpaste, our… Read more »

Teaching Your Kids to Brush

If you fight the battle of the brush every night before your child goes to bed, here are some tips that might make things a little more peaceful when it is time for your kids to clean their teeth. Try getting your kids more involved in the process. There are toothpastes available in all sorts… Read more »

Dentures and You

Your smile is very significant to Dr. and our dental team. This is why we encourage you to restore your missing teeth–so you can have the healthy grin that you want. One option to consider is dentures. Getting dentures is a pretty convenient and hassle free process due to their removable nature. There are two… Read more »

Keeping Your Dental Veneers in Great Shape

If your teeth are chipped, cracked, stained, or even crooked, dental veneers are a great way to restore your smile. Veneers are very thin shells custom-designed to fit over the fronts your teeth,and are made to blend in with your other teeth. It is a quick and effective way to brighten your smile. If you… Read more »