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As your child’s teeth grow in, they will be more susceptible to the pain that can come with it. This process is known as teething and although it is entirely natural and needed, if your child appears to be in pain, treatment methods should be used. Listed below are various tips for minimizing the symptoms of teething:

– Your child may begin teething as soon as their first tooth breaks the gum line around six months of age.

– Teething tablets can be used for children, but should not be given to children under the age of 2, unless under the direction of a health care professional. Instead, stick to simple teething products including teething rings, cool utensils such as spoons and gauze pads, or even clean fingers to rub against your child’s gums.

– There are many signs that can arise that can clue you into the prospect that your child is teething, including perceivable changes in your child’s personality traits, including changes with their sleep and eating techniques, as well as excessive fussiness, irritability, and drooling.

– Some associated hazards of teething can pose a risk to your child and should be treated immediately. Signs to watch for include diarrhea, fevers, and unexplained rashes.

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