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Did you know there are dental problems that can attack your baby’s smile and alter their oral health? Well, it’s true, unfortunately. Our dentist, Dr. Wallace Lunden, strongly encourages you to keep an eye out for these dental problems and try to prevent them as much as possible. Your baby deserves top-notch teeth and gums! The dental problems to avoid include:

-Baby bottle tooth decay: This dental issue involves a mouth full of cavities, and cavities are not fun! It oftentimes occurs when your baby’s teeth are exposed to sugar for a long period of time, like when you send your baby to bed with a bottle. Please avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle, and make sure to clean their teeth and gums regularly!

-Tooth misalignment: Tooth misalignment isn’t just cosmetic—it can affect the oral health too! This is because it creates hard-to-clean areas in the smile that harbor dangerous substances, like plaque and bacteria. Oral fixation habits, like thumb sucking and binky use, are oftentimes causes of tooth misalignment. It’s best to help your child avoid those habits as much as possible. For tips on how to do so, please ask our dentist.

-Oral injuries: Active babies take a lot of spills, and sometimes those spills involve hitting the mouth on something hard and causing an oral injury. If your child does this, it’s important to bring them into our office as soon as possible. To avoid oral injury, baby proof the house and eliminate anything they can bump their mouth on.

To learn more about baby dental problems in Minneapolis, Minnesota, please contact Cedar Point Dentistry today. Our dental team will be happy to give you the tips, information and details you need, so please call 612-822-2176 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you!