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Replacing teeth is a big deal, and the method you choose to replace them with is a big decision. That’s why you need to examine all of your tooth restoration options before going through with the procedure.

Two of the most common are dentures or dental implants. We’ll take a look today at both of them and why you may want to choose one over the other.


Dentures get a bad rap, but the truth is they can be incredibly effective at restoring lost teeth. If you’ve lost your teeth due to severe tooth decay you likely don’t have the gum or jaw strength necessary to receive implants. In this case, dentures are the best bet.
While dentures look, feel, and work like real teeth, they do require more maintenance than implants.


Implants are simply titanium screws inserted into your gums and covered with a ceramic crown. Implants are getting more popular because they’re easy to insert into your mouth and look more realistic than dentures. However, you do need healthy gums and a healthy jaw as well if you want implants. There has to be healthy tissue and bone to anchor the titanium post to, or else the implants won’t work.

The key to making the right decision is talking with Dr. Wallace Lunden in-depth about your need, preferences, and acknowledging your oral health’s limitations. If you’re ready to get new teeth, call us today at 612-822-2176 to schedule an initial consultation appointment.